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It depends on the voice

About us:

The Collage agency was established by Dana Litvin and Idan Elad.

The catalyst for the establishment of the Collage agency began with the thought of uniting under one roof professional and experience in productions and recording on one hand, and the casting abilities of presenters, actors, voice presenters and selected talents on the other.
The agency offers a wide and high-quality range of styles, languages for commercials, campaigns, sponsorships, radio broadcasts, promos, dubbing, acting, directing and more.

Just the two of us...

Agency profile
תמונת אווירה סליל לוגו קולאז' קריינים

Dana Litvin

Actors Agent, Artists and Creators - Owner of "Litvin Agency for Personal Representation and Management Ltd". Dana has a rich knowledge and experience gained over 15 years in the field of representing artists, actors and talents in advertising, film, television and theater.
Graduated in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations and holds a bachelor's degree in law. With experience and a touch in casting and connection between clients and artists, in other words, Dana is a magician who will find you exactly what you are looking for.

סטריפ עיצוב מכווץ משקל.jpg

Idan Elad

Present: Owner of Signal Studios, music producer and musician, singer, announcer and sound editor. Past: Radio broadcaster, served in the Central Command Band and in the IDF Theater.
Signal Composer, producer and recorder for 3 decades, music and Signal Compose, produce and record for 3 decades, music and jingles for the largest commercial companies in Israel and around the world, radio broadcasts, commercials and promotional films,
TV and radio spots, post-sound narration and innovative ideas through spacious and well-equipped recording and editing studios in Tel Aviv.


סמלילים לקוחות קולאז' קריינים


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Agency address: Yosef Caro 15 Tel Aviv. 6701417

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